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By Jim Francis

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alternative Medicine Cancer Treatment -- By Andrew G Crawford

Today I would like to talk about some alternative medicine cancer treatments, and some reasons why we have them by outlining some of the side effects of the most used and recognized treatment of cancer today, chemotherapy or "chemo". The comparison may change your view about which cancer treatment you choose, or rather choose not to take.

To begin I will very briefly explain the basic mechanics of cancer.
All cells in the body replicate by dividing in half over and over again, while equal numbers of cells fulfill their purpose, die and are shed by the body, thus creating a system of ever renewing health.
Cancer on the other hand originates from a single cell replicating but not dying off as it should after a short time and instead continues to replicate and replicate, all cancer cells remain replicating until a "cancer" forms in whatever part of the body it started in. the cancer growth keeps growing in size until it starts to crowd out, with it's mass, whatever organ or bodily function it inhabits. For example, a kidney tumor affects it's host by growing into or around the kidney, altering it's form and disrupting the normal functions of the kidney, this can be painful as the cancer progresses.
Chemotherapy has many types depending on the type of cancer treated, but works basically by destroying rapidly replicating cells, namely the cancer. Unfortunately though there are many areas of the body in-which cells replicate rapidly these are but not limited to:
  • Bone marrow: red and white blood cell production is reduced.
  • Lining of digestive tract: abscesses and bleeding can occur.
  • Hair, Skin, and nails: hair loss, sores can breakout on the skin etc.
  • Inside of the mouth: soreness and small abscesses can occur.
These are but a very small number of side effects chemotherapy can produce, and although quite frightening and unpleasant most patients recover slowly when treatment ceases, hopefully cancer free.
It is for these, and other unpleasant side effects, including the large monetary cost patients seek other "alternative medicine cancer treatments" for treating their cancer.
Alternative medicine cancer treatments range from many things, these include:
  • Acupuncture: increasing circulation in problem areas of the body to promote healing.
  • Body/mind medicine: believing your thoughts to have influence over your health.
  • Herbal medicines: these range from traditional herbal preparations used for thousands of years by mainly eastern cultures, to herbs and foods with recently discovered cancer and disease fighting compounds.
  • Over the counter vitamin supplements and antioxidants.
Chemotherapy and alternative medicine cancer treatments both report varying degrees of success; chemotherapy can be quite effective, although the side effects have to be considered not to mention the cost. Alternative methods however almost never have side effects if used correctly, and are but a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy. It is for these reason alternative medicine cancer treatments are fast becoming a recognized method to treat cancer and other diseases. The question now is which one to use, do some research, read through articles and testimonials and find one which has some good information to back it up and sounds good to you.
Begin your search for an alternative to chemotherapy here at cure-cancer.info. We can set you on the right path to helping you find an excellent alternative cure for cancer which is not nearly as scary and costly as chemotherapy. The choice is ultimately yours, you have very little to loose but could gain so much. whichever path you choose I sincerely hope you or whoever you are researching this for gets well very soon.


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