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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Trampoline - Incredible Health Benefits -- By Michael Russell Platinum Quality Author

It's obvious that trampolining is good general exercise but in this article, we'll explore why it's of such a benefit to our health.

Exercise for the Cells

Toxins or poisons can congregate in the cells of the body for a number of reasons. They may have been introduced by ourselves, by smoking for example, or they may have entered through a cut or other broken skin, or just by entering through the nose or mouth. Some toxins are produced in the body during the normal course of the metabolic process. Most are fought by the immune system and removed naturally through organs such as the liver, kidneys, lung colon and skin in the form of urine, faeces, exhalation and sweat.

It is thought though, that the G force exerted on the body by the bouncing motion on a trampoline, helps to "push out" the toxins and while the body is, briefly, airborne the lower cell pressure permits the influx of nutrients and oxygen thus improving cell "exercise".

Bouncing for a Healthy Heart

Exercising on a trampoline has several benefits in terms of the body's cardiovascular system:

1. Increases strength and fitness of the muscles, especially of the legs, helping to lighten the load on the heart when pumping blood around the body

2. Increases oxygen availability throughout the body

3. Maintains a healthy body weight and lessens the likelihood of obesity

4. Aids lymphatic circulation

5. Reduces level of cholesterol and triglycerides

6. Stimulates the metabolism and digestive processes.

Bones of Steel

Well, perhaps not quite, but it has been shown that this sort of high impact exercise, improves the bone mineral content and therefore the density thus lessening the likelihood of fractures due to osteoporosis. Unlike other forms of high impact exercise such as jogging, the bounciness of the trampoline mat absorbs the down force and won't cause jarring of the load bearing joints or spine.


Trampolining helps to develop motor skill because of the need to maintain both height and balance simultaneously while responding to gravitational forces. Thus, all sides of the body and brain are involved in the exercise.

You don't need a large trampoline to be able to benefit in the above ways. A small, portable one, known as a rebounder, will do just as well.


Michael Russell

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