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By Jim Francis

Friday, September 17, 2010

Find A Cure For Diabetes In 7 Foods That Lowers Blood Sugar

Are you dying to find out a cure for diabetes? Are you in search of a list of foods that can lower blood sugar level? Are you fed up of having medications? Are you scared of being caught with diabetic complications? Are you in search of any tip to achieve normal blood sugar levels?
If your query is any out of the above then you have made a right decision of spending your precious few minutes here.
I very well understand the worth of your time so without delaying any further let's jump in.
The most important tip for the treatment of diabetes here is to achieve normal range blood sugar levels with the help of the foods that can lower blood sugar level.
So to have this information within next couple of minutes read on!
Kidney Beans: Kidney beans are also termed French beans. French beans make a delicious lunch after cooking. These beans are rich of dietary fiber. They also contain plenty of fiber. Beans are a good form of complex carbohydrates. The kidney beans are strongly recommended by the dietitians to control the blood sugar level naturally.
Brussels: Having a glass of juice of Brussels sprout with an equal portion of juice of fresh beans is the most popular remedy for achieving normal levels of blood sugar. This mixture of two juices acts by the stimulation of pancreas. Stimulated pancreas produces more insulin which results in lowering down level of blood glucose.
Bean Decoction: This decoction is the most effective remedy for curing diabetes. This decoction is prepared by boiling 200 gm fresh beans in 15 liters water for around 5 hours. After 5 hours the mixture is strained and left to cool. It is suggested that a 250 ml glass of this decoction should be drank after every 2 to 3 hours for one and a half month. The mixture may lose its medicinal value after one day so it has to be prepared daily.
Lettuce: American Diabetes Association has confirmed that some foods have lower cholesterol content. These foods provide a support to the diabetics to fight against cardiovascular problems. This is the best vegetable that not only has lower cholesterol content but at the same time contains only 3 % carbohydrates. This unique combination of cholesterol and carbohydrate has made lettuce the super vegetable for the patients of diabetes.
Tomatoes: It is the most common everyday vegetable found in almost all kitchens. Generally diabetics are suggested to lose weight. Tomatoes not only have a lower carbohydrate content but at the same time help to reduce the level of glucose in the urine of diabetics.
Soya Bean: It is the most nutritious form of soya. It puts a check on the levels of blood glucose. It helps in regulating the elevated urine glucose levels. Soya beans are also full of proteins but have low carbohydrate content.
Onion: Raw onion also helps to low blood sugar level. Onion carries an anti diabetic ingredient. It is the same component that is found in synthetic insulin.
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  1. Diabetes can be cure easily if we take proper food and do regular exercise. Hence we should intake all these foods which are mention over here.

  2. i have been off of my meds for some time now, at first i was doing fine keeping my numbers in check with what they were while i was on insulin and metformin. but lately my numbers have been spiking high. this morning i woke up and i was in the mid 400's. i am scared but i dont want to go back on the meds. can someone help me. my email is imasylum@yahoo.com