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When a human mind clearly and continually visualizes an end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent- (the desired result)

By Jim Francis

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Of The Costs Of A Meat Based Diet

Rethinking Our Acculturated Food Mindset

At the World Peace Diet newsletter they keep us up to date on some of the cutting edge mindset on diet choices. How we acquire our paradigms that we use daily to choose our behaviors is a matter of continual choices we make. It is eye opening  to see other ways to view how we can think about our nutritional in take.
Below is a quote from the daily newsletter from The World Peace Diet people.

"Even if we are benumbed to the degree that we are not concerned about the suffering of animals, and we are only able to care about other humans, we soon realize that the human anguish caused by eating foods of animal origin requires us to choose a plant-based diet. Human starvation, the emotional devastation required to kill and confine animals, the pollution and waste of water, land, petroleum, and other vital resources, and the injustice and violence underlying our animal food production complex all compel us to abandon our acculturated eating habits."

All that said, We need only to start and look more costly at the costs related to the common American diet to realize that the expenses far out weight it's benefits.
Meat is expensive to grow. When compared to Plant based foods.
Meat has all the plant food expenses plus the additional costs below;

It's costs include but are not limited to the oil needed to cultivate the feed for the animals,
the land needed to grow the feed,
the labor to raise the animals,
the energy to clean the wastes,
the labor to remove the wastes,
the pollution that is not cleaned up but is absorbed by the earth,
the land taken out of use for human food,
The costs go on and on.

The point to the above list is to show only a starting point  from which we start to see the drawback to a meat based diet.
The more important drawbacks are the psychological damage we do to ourselves and our offspring.
Desensitizing us to the killing, blood, dismemberment and mindset for that sort of thing has buildt in problems for our peaceful symbiotic relationship with the universe.

Those costs will be expanded upon in a later post.
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Click Here  to go to the "World Peace Diet" site they can help to inform us more of the costs of a meat based diet.

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