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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Importance of Nutrition During a Fight with Cancer -- By Jillian Mckee

Guest Post By Jillian Mckee

The Importance of Nutrition During a Fight with Cancer -- By Jillian Mckee

After a cancer diagnosis, good nutrition is more important than ever. Whether you are going through treatments for mesothelioma, about to have a mastectomy, battling lymphoma or going through chemo or radiation for any form of cancer, what you eat or don’t eat will make a big difference.

According to the National Cancer Institute, healthy eating habits are particularly important for cancer patients who need to grow healthy tissue. Additionally, cancer patients, who often struggle with keeping up a healthy weight, need proper nutrition to maintain their strength and weight as well as to help their bodies fight infection during the critical stages of recovery.

In addition to the information available from the National Cancer Institute, several renowned physicians have done their own research on nutrition and the healing process. Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr., has studied nutrition and whole-body health for over 40 years. His healthcare system includes instructions on how to alkalize the body with proper nutrition in order to enhance healing.

Dr. Morter recommends a diet high in alkaline foods such as most fruits and vegetables and low in foods like meat and dairy products that leave an acidic residue in the body. This diet enables the body to properly digest and absorb nutrients as well as returning the body to its natural alkaline state.

Cancer and cancer treatments cause significant bodily changes. To help your body survive these changes, you need to pay careful attention to what you eat and drink during this time. Many cancer patients suffer from a lack of appetite that can result in severe weight loss. Making a conscious effort to consume at least some fruits and vegetables everyday will help. First, these foods are easier to digest than meat and other animal products. Second, these foods assist in the healing process, so by consuming them you contribute to your body’s health and well being.

Fresh vegetable juice is a great way to get both nutrients and calories. Carrot juice offers a fresh, sweet option. Cancer patients will get the best results from fresh juice that has not been pasteurized. This can be obtained from a local juice bar or be pressed at home. Beet juice, wheat grass juice, celery juice and other common vegetable juices are a powerhouse of health. Make your own combinations or look for recipes online or in recipe books.

Fresh fruit smoothies with just a little yogurt also make good snacks or meals for those fighting cancer. The addition of yogurt helps by restoring the good bacteria into your digestive system, and the fruit helps restore and cleanse the body as a whole.

When being treated for cancer, you must continue to treat yourself well. Proper nutrition is key to recovery.

Article provided by Guest post Author Jillian McKee

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