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By Jim Francis

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Focusing on Natural Remedies -- By Analisa P Moral

Natural remedies has been a practice and it is used as a therapeutic way of using something that is available at home in treating ailments. It is integrated because time has refined the effectiveness of using of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices as a main ambit for healing. Now it is categorically under alternative medicine, wherein the use photosynthetic organisms can make our bodies repel any form of discomfort from sickness; and the information about its effectiveness is continuously being passed on to the present generation, making people who are inclined to keeping what is ideally proper for the body, have a better option in maintaining a healthy living and eventually repulse the side-effects of synthetic drugs.
One major advantage of natural remedies in healing process is that, the contents are readily taken in by the human body since it is carbon based, or what we commonly termed as "organic". In addition, plants also have a cellular infrastructure called "plasma" which is a liquid form; that characteristic alone, can suffice the effectiveness of natural remedies in terms of fast absorption.
Modern technology has now upgraded these organic remedies to a whole new level to compliment healthy living. It is manufactured in a way that it is just easy as swallowing a pill. For instance, obesity is an illness that can rule out many other ailments, such as increased blood pressure, diabetes, dyspnea and other metabolic disorders. Since natural remedies are readily available, it is a matter of gathering the right information on how medicinal plants or herbs could be used to prevent illnesses as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In terms of cost, natural remedy is definitely cheaper than manufactured drugs. Its preventive effect from ailing connotes less on medical expenditures; like drinking green tea everyday has proven advantages in maintaining an ideal well-being. Though it is also commercially manufactured nowadays, still it's cheaper to make these products because of its availability.
Healthy living has strict filtration on what is being ingested into the blood stream; and one is, it has to be clean. Raw materials for natural remedies are the ones we usually consume in everyday cooking, so we are sure that there are no preservatives or anything artificial that may compromise one's health. Besides, it is just easy to find, you can even grow these natural remedies straight from your backyards, and again we are assured that it can keep its "organic properties" intact since it is not exposed to pesticides.
The amazing side of these natural remedies, is once you take one, it targets three possible illnesses. Example is ginger, usually in Asian countries it is prepared as a tea and believed to be efficient for the voice box for a singer. But interestingly, it targets colon cleansing, used as pain-killer and very effective against cold and flu.
Some are still skeptical about natural remedies and sometimes they connect it with "quackery". But the appropriate information about these remedies from mother nature could mean a lot in attaining a healthy lifestyle. They say curiosity can kill a cat but with natural remedies, curiosity would always render one to enjoy a healthy living.

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