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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Using AUM Clay To Safely And Naturally Remove Toxins From The Body -- By Penny McDougal

Expert Author Penny McDougal
AUM Clay is 100% pure natural kaolin clay powder that can be used on the skin or safely digested to remove toxins from the body. Using zero point technology, this clay has been energized with frequencies that helps restore cellular communication and proper functioning of the body.
What Is So Special About Clay?
Clay has been widely used for health purposes for thousands of years by both humans and wildlife. It's not unusual in the wild to see animals rolling in clay to help heal injuries and stop bleeding. Animals have also been observed eating clay when they've ingested something that wasn't healthy for them or something that was poisonous.
Cleopatra used clay to maintain her beautiful complexion and the physicians of Pharaoh used clay to reduce swelling and clean wounds to prevent infection. Clay is also known to help with digestive issues.
Why Use Kaolin Clay?
There are many types of clay, but kaolin clay is preferred for use with the human body because it is 100% digestible and is not drying to the skin like other clays. Most modern cosmetics contain kaolin clay because of its particular skin benefits.
Kaolin has a very high rate of absorption and its molecular structure provides space to absorb and remove toxins. Toxins are not natural to the human body and have a frequency or signal that disrupts cellular communication and compromises our ability to function properly.
This form of clay has negatively charged molecules that attract the positively charged molecules of toxic substances and easily get passed through the body when digested or washed off when kaolin clay is used on the skin.
Using Zero Point Technology To Promote Wellness
AUM Clay is infused with human blueprint frequencies that enhance the health benefits of kaolin clay. Kaolin Clay, even though it's a fine power, has a crystalline like structure. When zooming in with an electron microscope the kaolin clay particles have open spaces, it's not a completely solid matter.
This open space is filled with human blueprint frequencies. Science now has the ability to measure the vibration pattern of healthy organs and systems of the human body. By matching minerals of the earth that have the exact same vibration frequencies found in various parts of the human body, these frequencies are infused into the open space of the crystalline particles.
When using AUM clay your organs and systems will begin to resonate with the infused mineral crystals. This is very similar to a tuning fork that picks up the frequency of another tuning fork in its presence. When close to each other they will both begin to resonate at the same frequency.
This promotes wellness by restoring cellular communication and allowing the body to heal itself. When all parts of the body are communicating with each other it can more easily fight off infections and sickness.
How To Use
You should use it both internally and externally. For oral use, mix 1 teaspoon in a beverage of your choice or simply sprinkle on your food. AUM Clay has no taste, no artificial colors and it completely safe for daily use.
For external use you simply mix 1 part clay with 2 parts liquid to form a paste. You can use it as a face mask or body mask to treat and rejuvenate the skin. It easily washes off with warm water.
Your pets will also benefit from AUM clay. You can use as a talc to condition their skin, use as a wash to condition fur, or sprinkle on their food and mix in their water.
AUM Clay is a safe and natural way to remove toxins from the body and improve your health.
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