"Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food" -Hippocrates

The Desired Results

When a human mind clearly and continually visualizes an end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent- (the desired result)

By Jim Francis

Friday, October 1, 2010

Authentic Healing - The Most Basic Basics of Metaphysical You

The truth is, we are more than just what we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. If you want the best chance of authentic healing you might find advantage in considering what that means. This article is an introduction to prod your curiosity and reason. We're not going to get all hocus-pocus. There's nothing more off-putting to a practical mind. Let's just begin to explore some known facts that leave the doorway to possibility open.
But first let me be clear about my intentions. It's not my role or my responsibility to convince you. You were born in charge of your mind. I was born in charge of mine. If it was my responsibility to change your mind, it would be mine, and I already have my own! My job is to present information for you to consider, and to assimilate into your experience in order to enhance your experience. Your free will has the power and choice, even over your mind, to select the path which leads to the outcome(s) you desire.
So, that said, let's look at the basic basics of metaphysical you. What do you consider metaphysical to mean? Many people who reject alternative approaches and alternative medicine in particular, consider the world of metaphysics to embrace realms of fancy, hocus-pocus, or at best, abstract theories which have no foundation in scientific fact and proven reality.
Let's consider the term metaphysical within the context of human experience. For our purpose, the meta part of metaphysical means beyond. The physical means concerning matter, material or the body. So, we're basically discussing topics concerning humans, which are beyond just the physical body. This shouldn't be too much of a stretch. When we see something very sad or disturbing on television we are moved. What is it that moves us? Nothing physical. It's a feeling, a perception and translation. What makes us laugh at a joke? Nothing physical. These are simple, everyday occurrences that point to elements of the human experience beyond just the physical. So in this sense we can accept that there is something about us and our make-up that goes beyond our physical, measurable make-up.
Now, let's take another most basic of basics. It has long since been proven by quantum physics, that sub-atomic particles are not matter as we generally take it to be. The smallest elements of matter, at the sub-atomic level are not physical at all. Even if we were small enough, we still wouldn't be able to touch them. They are energy, pure energy. So, we cannot get away from the fact that if we are all made up of molecules, which we are, and those molecules are made of atoms, which they are, then in turn the atoms are made of sub-atomic particles. And if sub-atomic particles are really just energy, it only stands to reason that ultimately, we are all just walking bundles of energy.
Here's where both challenge and opportunity lie together, two sides of the same coin. You may choose the challenge side of the coin that represents the current western viewpoint. This is that we are generally fixed and physical, and therefore unable to change without physical intervention, i.e. drugs and / or surgery. Or, you may choose the side of the coin supported by quantum physics. This suggests that there is still much to learn about our world and ourselves. You may agree that although we've learned a lot, as already noted above, there are pertinent questions still to be answered regarding our physicality and therefore our limitations.
Though we stand on the shoulders of giants, it is a hallmark of progressive science that new theories constantly update old viewpoints and understanding. This means that we dismiss alternative and energy medicine at our own cost. There are many brave, pioneering scientists and practitioners who are dedicating their lives to understanding healing on levels that go beyond conventional modalities. And there are many patients and seekers who walk beside them, benefiting from their work.
I am deeply grateful that I fall on the side of hope and excited exploration, especially in the laboratory of my own life. It's an exciting ride and I hope you too are encouraged to peer through the doorway of opportunity.

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