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By Jim Francis

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toxins In/ Toxins Out (part 2)

This is the second part of Matt Monarchs article on "Toxins In/Toxins Out"
His first article has had a great response by people just learning to see themselves as an organism that is, what it eats.
Matt Monarch is my Raw Food Guru that helps to ground me in the belief that the food is better for us the closer we get it to the fresh raw state.
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By Matt Monarch Our raw foods mentor

It seems that a VAST number of people got inspired by my article from two weeks ago entitled, "Toxins In, Toxins Out". In that article I discussed that detoxification is a natural, ongoing body process that is continually in motion, no matter what type of diet you eat. I believe that one of the reasons people were motivated by this article is because they realized that they will be going through detoxification whatever they eat, whether it's a 100% Raw Food Diet or a Standard American Diet; so they thought that they may as well choose a healthier route.

I have heard of many people attempting to go raw now, after reading that article. This article today is a kind of sequel to "Toxins In, Toxins Out", so if you haven't read that first article yet, it might be a good idea to do so, HERE. The purpose of this article today is to shed light on the difference between detoxification when you are in the overall process of becoming cleaner compared to when you are on a gradual trajectory to becoming more toxic, while at the same time hopefully giving you some extra inspiration and motivation to plow on forward.

In the previous article, we stated that a person is either becoming cleaner or more toxic every single day, based on whether they are eating less or more than their average consistent diet. When a person is eating more than their average consistent diet, they are gradually becoming more toxic and the detoxification that they experience usually doesn't have the opportunity to go much deeper than what they consumed the day before. However, if you start to eat less than your consistent diet, you can easily detox what you ingested the day before, PLUS you can start to move onto older waste matter that has built up in your cells, bloodstream and body in general.

This older waste matter is usually MUCH more concentrated and uncomfortable to release than the simple elimination of residues from your daily diet. For most of us, we have been building up this kind of toxic old material within our bodies for quite some time. Instead of this old waste matter being COMPLETELY visible in your appearance, one way your body stores away this toxic waste matter is in a gaseous form within your cells. This built-up storage of toxins within the cells enables the body to adapt to certain conditions more easily, such as toxic diets, poor air conditions and other toxic situations. If you consistently fill up your body with toxins, instead of these toxins always showing up in your outward appearance, these toxins can instead become more and more concentrated within your cells and body. Now, if you "open the floodgates" by improving your diet, a miraculous outpouring of concentrated DENSE toxins is released. The only way to stop this outpouring is to take a step backwards and eat along the lines of your previous diet, so that you continue to get your "fix", just like the heroin addict desperately looking for a hit.

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This outpouring of CONCENTRATED toxins when a person improves their diet is the reason why people get sick when they eat a 100% Raw Food Diet. It is also one of the reasons why many raw foodists report to have outrageous gas elimination that sometimes burns and smells like death. The outpour of these CONCENTRATED toxins is, I feel, the number one reason why people have a challenging time going 100% Raw. For me, the practice of periodic colon hydrotherapy has been the primary reason I have been able to succeed on a 100% Raw Food Diet for almost 14 years now, as hydrotherapy pulls these CONCENTRATED toxins right out. We go raw and we are scrambling around and shaking for our fix of the toxins from our previous addictive diet. Although not as extreme, on a physiological level, we are going through withdrawals just like a heroin addict goes through withdrawals when eliminating heroin.

Here is an excerpt from my FAVORITE raw food book on the planet, 'Man's Higher Consciousness'; a staff nurse in a certain hospital accepting drug addicts tells of her experience in caring for such patients. She says:

"If I had ever been tempted to take drugs, I had discarded the idea quickly after working in a hospital ward for drug addicts for the past two years. There can be no torment of the damned that exceeds the agonizing pains that a drug addict goes through to conquer the habit.

All our patients entered the hospital ward voluntarily, but as they were not released until completely off the drug, it was a pitiful sight to watch them. The first day they were bolstered up by friends' and relatives' good wishes, and had mustered up every bit of will-power that the drugs had left them. By the second or third day all will-power had vanished as the dosage of the drug was slowly reduced, and they became abject, tortured, screaming idiots as their nerves begged for the drug."

It is the same process with food. Many people seem to have no real concept of how far we've come with our diets in the opposite direction from what man may have originally consumed. If I were to take a shot of heroin right now, it would surely kill me. However, in one generation a human can build up tolerance to be able to handle quite a bit of heroin. It wouldn't be erroneous to say that over MANY generations, man has adapted SO FAR from his original diet that we would be going through detoxification quite intensely by choosing to eat raw. Luigi Cornaro lived on 12oz of food per day in the 15th century and outlived the MASS majority, despite having a 'weak constitution' from birth. After four decades of eating this 12oz diet, a friend convinced him to eat 14oz one day and it almost killed him, just like taking a shot of heroin would surely kill me. There is no doubt in my mind that the original diet that man consumed when he first arrived on this planet was absolutely MINIMAL in terms of solids, if indeed it involved any solids at all. It makes sense to me that a human would not come into existence if everything he needed to survive was not already there in his IMMEDIATE environment (i.e.: pristine air).

YES!... no matter who you are, you are detoxing every single day. However, when you improve your diet, the detoxification intensifies and usually becomes much more uncomfortable. One of the first keys to success on your journey to becoming "cleaner" is to understand the reasons that you may be having difficulty with your new lifestyle. In my opinion there is no better way to transform and rid the body of these old, deep-rooted toxins than to eat a "cleaner" diet, while at the same time to cleanse the colon on a periodic basis: this combination helps dramatically to relieve the detox symptoms.

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Here is the link to the first article, again

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