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By Jim Francis

Friday, March 5, 2010

Omega-3 Fish oil for a Diabetic diet

Type-2 diabetes is a very common type of diabetes. It is also called the adult-onset diabetes which comprises 90 % of the cases of this illness. This may be very common but there are aids to this. One of which is the Omega 3 fish oil.
Facts about Type-2 diabetes
This type of diabetes occurs with the lack of insulin or when there's irregular process of the way the insulin is being provided to the body. This typically starts to occur as the overweight person is around 40 years old already. You would notice the symptoms of this illness through frequent urination, unusual increase of appetite, getting thirsty most of the time, numbness, irritability, vaginal infections that are recurring, and depression.
Type 2 diabetes death is caused by heart disease. Usually, people with this type of diabetes have bad LDL cholesterol which is on higher level than a person not having such illness. Also, people with such illness usually have less good HDL cholesterol. But this lack ness can be aided with the supplement of fish oil. Study shows that with the help of fish oil supplement the level of good HDL cholesterol can actually increase.
Fish oil to the rescue
Diabetes Care, a publication, released certain findings that explained how diabetics who have abnormalities in their cholesterol level with the fish oil supplement in the diet. In that certain study, 42 adult diabetics were randomly given either a corn oil fake pill or 4 grams of fish oil with DHA and EPA for eight weeks.
The ones who took supplement of fish oil proved to have lesser level of triacylglycerol. They also had an increase of good cholesterol whereas those who took corn oil pill had a 4% increase of ratio for bad cholesterol level.
Despite this breakthrough, control in sugar intake is still very important for diabetic patients. When it comes to balanced diet, we're not just talking about losing weight. We are also talking about keeping the blood sugars just enough to still have a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle with regular exercise is also in line with this as it also aids in lowering the levels of blood sugar. It can also improve the effectiveness of the insulin.
It is proven in research studies that the more intake of Omega 3 fish oil for diabetes a person has the lesser he/she becomes susceptible to develop diabetes (type 2).
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