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By Jim Francis

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diabetes Cure Could Be In The Enzyme

Enzymes Can hold the secret to diabetes cure? Doctors are not able to reject claims of diabetic cure with enzyme therapy because research has proven that it works wonders and accomplish successful results that normal medicines could never do
What is it anyway? Insulin is basically an enzyme that is secreted by the pancreas. The pancreas also secretes other digestive enzymes. Under diabetic conditions, the insulin level is reduced below the normal level. This is because of improper functioning of pancreas. So it is not just insulin, the level of other digestive enzymes are also drastically reduced.
What happens when the enzymes are reduced, anyway?
- Enzymes are the metabolic force of our body. When enzymes are reduced, the whole biological process of the body screeches to a halt. When enzymes are reduced, the body loses its basic functions and its immunity.
- Reduction in digestive enzymes results in accumulation of undigested proteins in the body. The proteins get accumulated in the kidney and result in major kidney failure.
- Enzymes are the catalyst for absorption of vitamins and minerals. Without enzymes, vitamins and minerals get accumulated without getting absorbed causing dangerous problems.
Enzyme therapy through natural diet supplements the body with the deficient enzymes to give the magic cure for diabetes
When you consume fully processed food containing processed grains, high fat content (we are talking about the bad fat and not the good one that helps the body), it does 2 things to the body:
- Digestive enzymes cannot act on the food that is highly processed. So when the nutrients do not reach the cells, they start to wear out.
- The body never accepts any unnatural intake. This results in the formation of toxins.
But don't worry. With our selected natural dietary suggestion, you can improve the enzyme levels in the body and yes! You are back on track!!
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