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By Jim Francis

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diabetic Suggested Foods for a Healthy Life Style

After a short online search these are the suggested foods that this causal observer has found for a healthy diabetic diet. These are merely suggestions and your doctor should be consulted before making any substantial changes in you diet.

Diabetic Foods to Enjoy

1. French bean=kidney beans
Juice extract of kidney beans with brussel sprout juice is a suggested help in diabetic sugar metabolism.

2.Lettuce and tomatoes are big in fiber and the good nutrients; fresher the better

3.soy bean and its related products like tofu. Tofu burgers can be great

4.onion and garlic family of veggies provide these active ingredients
allyl, propyl, disulphide and allicin and all help in metabolic processes

5.Olive oils are the best for us. no saturated fats

6.Fruits and vegetables; Lots of fruits and vegetables.Colorful ones seem to have the best nutrient variety.
Cruciferous  veggies like brussel spouts, broccoli and cauliflower are just a few. Radishes,horseradish are a couple more.

7. Chicken and turkey; Baked, boiled or broiled not fried (shake and bake with your own whole wheat herb coating) It's good better for you. Use olive oil to hold the coating to the pieces.

A balanced diet, well supplemented with vegetables, fruits and juices should be ideally taken. Also, you should indulge in an active lifestyle. Walking is a must on a regular basis. Smoking and drinking must be avoided.  Regular exercise of course but don't over do it. This should enable a diabetic to live a healthy life style.

Diabetic Foods to avoid
1. red meat
2. saturated fats (those that are solid at room temperature)
3. Avoid dairy products and butter because they have saturated fats. Before chicken preparation, take the skin off. Also, strive to avoid butter and margarine.Use olive oil instead with herbs and spices. Hydrogenated oils are processed foods and they are not good for you for many reasons.

One needs to cut down on the intake of fat based foods and sweets.
Processed foods of any kind should be avoided.
Live Lightly
The closer to fresh and raw the better our bodies can utilize all the nutrients. Cooking kills nutrients

For a refreshing look at how we look at the foods we put in our bodies checkout
Dr. Will Tuttles newest book "The World Peace Diet"

For more info on fresh food eating     CLICK HERE

To be shown the Live Lightly way to healthy eating click above.

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Live Lightly and Enjoy

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